About the Show

Misfits & Moguls is a live-streamed video podcast that shares the naked truths of the self-employed. In other words, it's a show where real freelancers and business owners can share stories of their adventures and misadventures alike.

The show is live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook where we take live questions and comments from the audience. The audio version is then available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

About the Host

Hey guys! Melissa Geissinger here. I'm a self-admitted serial entrepreneur. It might just be ADHD, but I've always been addicted to starting businesses and side projects. Welcome to the latest!

At the time of recording the first episodes, I was a licensed mortgage advisor. Now, I am a writer and author.

I love to hike, read, play games (tabletop and PC), and spend time with my human family and a menagerie of fur kids.  Come to the next live show and say hi!

Melissa Geissinger

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